black feathers and steel
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 feathers lost


But then they came, those inferior dullards… They came and took this planet away from you. But don’t be sad, Mother. I am with you now. 


Richard Kadrey, Kill the Dead


Thunderless;; Estuans interius, Ira vehementi, Estuans interius, Ira vehementi, IN HOT PANTS! 

                             IN HOT PANTS!


idc this is cute and funny and reno would sing shaggy songs 


Father and Son

Title: Who... are you?
Artist: Nobuo Uematsu
Album: Final Fantasy VII OST
Played: 75 times
The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy.
- Friedrich Nietzsche (via tenthgeek)
Send “You take such joy in pretending you’re okay” to see how my muse reacts.

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wonder what makes him smirk

masochisticsadist asked: How do you deal with writer’s block?


okay no. I just kinda tend to let a muse be if I’m having difficulty writing them and spend my time sitting and reading on things. Fanfics really help for some reason to give me a spark of interest here and there — that and sometimes, just sometimes, Sephiroth will find something to snark about in my head and then we start talking and go from there. I’ve never had writer’s block with him, exactly, as I can always feel him in my head when he’s being quiet, but.. sometimes, it’s just hard to get what’s in my head out. So I just relax and don’t push things.