"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

—Bertrand Russel (via occult101)

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"Are you the dominatrix I ordered? I mean... I like the whole bondage-leather shit you got goin' on – real hot, but I was thinking... y'know, less Rapunzel action, more tits? Do I just call and ask for a refund or——?" ( -happily attempts pissing Sephiroth off- )

         ”.. do I look like a dominatrix to you, kid? I certainly lack the proper assets to qualify as such, but if you’re so interested in being taught a few things, maybe I could certainly do you a favor and teach you some proper respect.”

Send a “♪” for the Muse to sing part of a song the Mun has recently listened to.

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Send me a prompt and I’ll write a 4-5 sentence drabble about it.

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You have an entire sentence to make my muse angry at you. Go.

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"Great souls suffer in silence."

—Friedrich Schiller (via kingdomofginix)

Send “Flesh” for my muses reaction to your muse pushing them up against a wall and biting their neck

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[HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENIROTH gfjksgs have fun getting older ok. I drew you a thing, complete with a slightly bloody but very purry Souba-kitten ❤ YAY]



                         you've       got       blood       all       over

                                                        ash       all       over

                                                spit       it       out       son

                                                                   ɢ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ s       ᴏ v ᴇ ʀ

就算整个世界都背叛了你, 我还是会站在你的背后.

Even if the whole world betrayed you, I will still stand behind you.

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"The inside of your mouth knows what mine tastes like, does it miss me? Does your tongue get confused when you kiss other people? Do your teeth? Do you drink orange juice and feel the bite of me at the back of your throat? What does your hair look like when it’s mussed by a different set of fingers? Does something inside of you know that it’s wrong? Does your bed look funny without me in it? Do your sheets? What about the kitchen table? Are your hands looking for my hips? Are they looking for my thighs? Do you miss me? Do you miss me?"

—Azra.T “A List of Questions I Can’t Ask You Now” (via hxwlett)



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